Sunday, March 29, 2009


not in the mood to, i opt to answer tags from friends...
this is from Kak Farah...

Finish the sentence...

1. My ex...who?!!

2. Maybe I should... finish up reading ‘Shantaram’ so that I can move on to my long list of unread books...

3. I love...ME!

4. People would say that I'm...comel a.k.a. cute (meaning – ugly but nice to see)...

5. I don't’s jokes...(i’m blur and soooo tulus)

6. When I wake up in the morning...i check on the time...

7. I lost...a set of 3 gold rings given by Mama...

8. Life is full and downs which in turn makes me wiser....

9. My past...were unregrettable...i cherished them all...

10. I get annoyed when...
there exists judgmental and narrow-minded people...

11. Parties are...a great chiller to gossip and eat and sharing and eat and caring and eat...

12. I wish...I don’t have to depend on MYR...

13. Dogs...are fierce and uncute...

14. Cats...are cute and lazy...

15. Monday...

16. I have a low tolerance...towards lactose-prone dairy products...

17. If I had a million dollars...I would gladly realised my dream of having my own Kedai Nasi Liza...

18. I'm totally terrified...of scary movies and being followed...I avoid dark feels creepy...

19. My spouse...i wonder who?!!

20. My blessed...alhamdulillah...

and this one is from Zarith...

This is called 50 FIRST REACTIONS... type what comes to your mind FIRST whenever you hear these 50 words. Don't think and don't go back and change. Doesn't matter how random just type it! Repost it for all of your (bored) friends.

1. Beer: Non-Halal

2. Food: Diet

3. Relationships: Open

4. Crush: MB, Abah, Putera

5. Power Rangers: Go go Power Rangers

6. Life: Beautiful

7. The President: Obama

8. Yummy: Sumi

9. Car: Ryan

10. Movie: Titanic

11. Halloween: Pumpkin

12. Sex: Female

13. Religion: Islam

14. Hate: Liars

15. Fear: Snakes

16. Marriage: 01/01/201?

17. Blondes: Paris Hilton

18. Slippers: Pink SPAKO Comfort

19. Shoes: Nike

20. Asians: Brown

21. Pass time: Colouring

22. One night stand: Sinful

23. My cell Phone: Nokia 6500 Slide

24. Smoke: No

25. Fantasy: Cinderella

26. College: RMC

27. High school Life: SSPKL

28. Pajamas: Satin

29. Stars: Aries

30. Center: no5

31. Alcohol: Wine

32. The word LOVE: Sayang

33. Friends: Retentate, Sohabat9600, PIPEII, Chemy, UTPJan01, DGAs

34. Money: CIMB

35. Heartache: Deep

36. Time: waits for no man

37. Divorce: Makruh

38. Dogs: Fierce

39. Undies: Cotton

40. Parents: Loving

41. Babies: Cute

42. Ex: Who?

43. Song: Kerna Ku Sayang Kamu

44. Color: Purple

45. Weddings: 01/01/201?

46. Pizza: Hawaiian Chicken

47. Hangout: Friends

48. Rest: Iee-bear

49. Goal: MU

50. Inspiration: My Way