Friday, August 21, 2015

my very first ANAKIN victory!

Me: hari ahad ni – mesti encik laju

Me: anakin ngan sy = (tortoise emoji)

Encik Awan: Good luck ahad

That was wayyy wayyy back some three weeks ago..

Attempting a bloodshot bicycle training at Sungai Tekala – Mampir route after a longggg month rest (bulan puasa, Anakin pun puasa juga..bulan raya, Anakin pun raya juga)..

Nevertheless, I’m always lost for reason.. As what Che Siti told me,”Aliza, kamu ni lucu laa..” whenever I’m jokingly lamented,”Takdok sebab ler untuk ai kenot come”

There, Anakin and me – every single program, we shall both be present wholeheartedly with mixed feelings.. Words of encouragement pouring in:

“Takpe, kita kayuh santai-santai je, tak payah rushing..”

 My answer to that (Manelaaa sy penah rushing.. Mujurlaa Anakin tu bergeraknye ke depan..Adoiii)

Most of my training regime, I am always been surrounded with positive vibes..

My No 1 great mentor – Encik Rasyid loudly scream, “Go, Aliza, go!” and passed me by.. Back then, he even taking turns adjusting the rhythms for both Hana and me on Putrajaya route.. I challenged my sick self at that time (earlier, I’m coming with a small cold).. And, to top it, we cycled in the rain that particular day.. I ended up demam for almost 2 weeks and I heard that Encik Rasyid felt a little guilt.. Haha, in the first place – I just can’t say No..

Anakin and me owes a lot to my Geng Basikal – Road Racer by Linda.. We shared joys in earlier counterparts.. Starting from Eija lending her ‘Black’ to me and Zura lending her ‘Whitey Jr’ to Mayleen..

Me and Mayleen starts our accessories completion via SportsDirect – getting our ‘Pink’ helmets (yes, I choose helmet colour) + gloves + specs + water bottles + sportswear.. and I got my water bag from Labuan during one of my outstation trip..

Anakin was supposed to be my birthday present but we got engaged earlier since Abang Kedai reminded me on the GST.. Anakin became my sweet tortoise in middle March..

When asked – how do I got the name to be Anakin?

Since I am Kejora (bintang) relating to star which is in the phase of jihad (perang), it then came across Star Wars that leads to Anakin Skywalker.. Google some more facts – and you’ll likely find definition that says: Ironically, Anakin Skywalker (or Darth Vader) from Star Wars was also referred to as a giant of a man in many of the books. Therefore, the name ‘Anakin’ could be used to mean a giant-like or generally tall person.. Anakin = Giant (justifies my GIANT brand bike – model Talon 4)..

The name Anakin also shows the bond of me with Kinn (Shikin).. We get our bikes together.. Hers was named ‘Dindarlik’..

Before joining the experienced team mates, Mayleen and me regain back our cycling confidence in Kerayong Hill.. Frankly, I do freaked out downhill..

And so the story begins with a series of scheduled program whereby I get to improved gradually..I never not get to be the last yet but rest assured, I always strive to finish and I did it every time.. I’m proudly admit that I don’t get off Anakin once I am riding.. It is just plain amazing.. I’ve had my shares and superb friends – Hana, Linda, Mayleen, Kinn, Rahimah, Zura, Kak Wan Mas, Airis, Joanne, Najlaa.. Not forgetting menunggu friends – Hanisah, Aishah, Kak Widaad, Kak Hadhimah, Kak Azlina, Su, Yaya, Ernee, Jenny, Abid, Kak Su, Che Siti, Muza, 'Aaina, Hawa, Ina, Sha, Farrah, Eija, Roeda.. And prayers from afar – Kak Mas, Kak Nuha, Arny, Rai, Aliah, Mudah, Yume, Izan..

It’s gonna be a lengthy post if I am to honour every single yous (I Love all).. every Expedition Leader always champion in concerning my well being.. Sy usahakan sy sampai, Encik..Meski lambat dan x pernah join sesi tamat bersama.. My bad.. My section leader for tremendous and continuous support: “Mantap, cik! Jangan tinggal kayuh..” Other cool, sporty friends and marshalls been escorting me sunshine or rain.. Thanks very much..

“Aliza OK?”

Me with trembling fingers will gladly replied, “Ada kaki lagi.”

“Merahnya muka!”

My answer, “OKlaa, tidak biru.”

Upon reaching pitstop, I’ve always encounter the situation, “Eh, alaa, sy baru ‘warm up’”

I did discover my strength is in energy storing.. I am not that exhausted  -  I have the will to sustain and prolonged the distance but difficulties lies in increasing speed of pedalling..

The day finally came when I was called to participate in Kayuhan Sehati Sejiwa.. Anakin and me was delighted with fear..I am daring myself (So, I guess).. And I vow, if it is, then it is.. It is IS.. Hahahaha..

I prepared so-so and let it flow..Got my jersey.. Was well wished by kesayangans..

“Jangan terlampau tertinggal!”

(Sy tertinggal, kak.. Tapi, x terlampau)

“Set minda berada dalam kelompok tau!”

(Iye baik, minda tu memang ingat kawan2 aje)

“Awak boleh!”

(Kenalah boleh.. Dahlaa kalian sedih x dapat ikut, kalu sy x sungguh2, memang saje je laa kan)

“Tak mau last tau!”

(Ni alkisahnya – once I’ve reached the finishing point, the secretariat handling the finisher medal asked, “Ada lagi kat belakang, dik?” I smiled confidently,”Iye, ade.”) (Kak, kali ini sy bukan yang last)

Rejoining back with the Team, Encik Azmil praises me and blurted,”Dapat medal tak?”

I nodded. (Tamat dengan jaya, Encik)

All in all – a great eye-opening experience.. It was just unbelievable (and somewhat, I need to believe that it was me and Anakin).. There are times that I’m ahead and there are times I was at the sipi-sipi.. (NO patah balik, and NO turun basikal – asking myself ‘Kenape ni?!! What is this?!’ and NO Bomba or JPA – I dare not taking the lorry pick-up)..

Remembering the saying,”Kamu larat, kamu kayuh..Kamu x larat, kamu kayuh..”

As for me – Selagi kamu kayuh, Anakin tu bergeraknya ke depan.. And I counted the lamp posts all stretched along.. I did capture the best of kampong and pantai sceneries.. I even felt sidestepped by a kid (goat) running across the street..

When there’s a call from a Pakcik saying,”4 kilo lagi ni” My heart leaped.. (Oh, itu satu round sy kat Titiwangsa).. Alas, actually it was nearly about 10 km more to finish.. My heart sanked but my will soared.. It’s halfway of Tekala – you just can do! Hence, proving the magic!

Victory to Anakin and me and All! It feels GREAT!

Thank you Allah..




Monday, February 23, 2015

..LoVe cRuisE..

singing my heart out with Ryan.. normal traffic heading towards Iris..

coming back from earlier meeting friends event..awanku was there too.. facing from a distance, ai glanced once in a while.. noticing, his left hand covering his mouth, gritting in control of the situation.. and still, both of his eyes merely 'redup' - joy of my heart..alhamdulillah..

sesungguhnya jalan mendaki itu lebih sukar.. ujian apakah ini?! passing by Damansara, Ryan and me and hey, next to our left side (the centre lane) - ai saw 'awanku' to my surprise..

okay, let's head on together the uphill.. and downhill too..

Ryan and me - we 'santai'ly and wondering.. ensuring our distance - quite just to see and be sure - mister awanku, are you coming?!

right up to Jalan Duta toll exit, Ryan and me went to the Touch 'N Go lane.. and again, there awanku went to the ticketing booth..

fingers crossed, love luck had to struck.. this time, awanku did saw me.. crossing over Ryan and me from the left and leading the way (sort of, since ai took up to tag along closely behind the wheels)..

we parted ways after about 10 minutes or so.. Ryan and me arrived safely at Iris and me wishing awanku well thanking the memories..

my awan, my joy, my sweetness, my smile - everlasting :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


senyummu juga sedihmu

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

red raya 2014

selamat hari raya 2014.. Allah's blessings.. alhamdulillah..

my awanku is red too.. hahahaha.. yeay..

soalan: bile Ja nak ada 'ada'?

jawapan Ja: bile Ja nak tiada 'tiada'

value at the moment: respect
advice to self and kesayangans: be good :)

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

...biaSa - biAsa...

-Mekar Tanjung-

Mekar Tanjung
Budaya Bersambung
Tradisi Timur Seni Bersopan
Warisan Berzaman Megah Dijunjung
Pribumi Membela Satu Wawasan
Mekar Tanjung Budaya Bersambung

sumber: Kompleks Taman Seni Islam Selangor

Thursday, March 6, 2014

..teStinG mY LucK..

semua hanya Allah

Thursday, February 27, 2014


the WAU day came..

smile from afar..

he smile, i smile..

lambatnya.. mujur sampai.. (in my heart)

meh isi attendance..

pukul berapa yaa?

enam lebih, dah..

ni grup pink.. (gave a pink badge)

cari kumpulan, yaa..

eh, air (from a friend)..


ni sy nak rase semua ni..

amboi, special tau.. orang lain tidak pun.. (remarks from the previous a friend)

all in all, first encounter - nearly 2 minutes..

second encounter - perhaps 2 minutes too..

and my sawan lasts for two days.. that previous a friend knows..

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

..kau tsyeruenm..kaemdiaan..

mlaam ini snuyi spei..
kau tlernea daalm mipmi..

kau tsyeruenm.. kaemdiaan..
makinetmi ctina ktia..

maalm ini syuni spei..
bmiipmrealh tneatng cntia..

ku inign slelau basmaemru..
di siimsu..

smaelat maalm..
oh ctaiknu..

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

..macam brown je..

Monday, December 30, 2013


[15:87] - Dan sesungguhnya Kami telah berikan kepadamu 7 ayat yang dibaca berulang-ulang dan Al-Quran yang agung.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

...anaK berAs..

hidup ini sementara
andai kau dalam sengsara
he shouldn't have to.. but, he did it..
airmata mak dan ayah setenang air sungai

Wednesday, December 4, 2013 TrusT..

chance will benefit
belief will exist
peace will stand