Thursday, November 28, 2013

...eaSiLLy...(siLLy easE wAy-0Ut)

ku tidak suka untukku tidak suka kepada yang tidak suka ku
More FEEL - Less THINK 

More SMILE - Less FROWN 

More LISTEN - Less TALK 


More DO - Less WATCH


More LOVE - Less FEAR

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

...di jari pensil menari..

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

...roti tanduk...

Mama: Maghi gi beli 'roti tanduk'..

Me: Huh?! Godio ma?

Mama: Alohh..Mama tok tawu laa nok nyebuk namo omputeh dio..

ohoo..rupe-rupenye 'roti tanduk' yang Mama nak itu adalah croissant..

hehe..bukan kene sebut nama omputeh pun..

ni bahasa Perancis ni - sebutnya 'cur-raw-zorn'..

a good start for my upcoming Bengkel Menguli MIDI this saturday..yeay!

Monday, November 25, 2013

...3 minit itu...


Z twiddling on her Ferrari and ending the conversation,"Haa, OK OK."

M interrupting, "Kamu cakap ngan sapa tu?"

Z mentioning yours truly..

M reaching out, "Oh, meh sy cakap ngan dia."

Z carefreely saying, "Alaaa, dah letak."

M just smiled ( yours truly guessed) and continued with their TT.
M: Program kamu patutnya malam ni kat JJ ke?

Z: Eh, x sure laa.. Tapi, yours truly cakap diorang ade dekat2 area sini..

M: Camne yours truly nak datang amik kamu?

Z: Dah abis nanti, yours truly suruh mesej..

M: OK, nak abis dah ni..
M: Yours truly dah kat mane?

Z: Saya baru mesej..

M: Takpa2, biar saya call dia..
Yours truly side:

Z sent a message to yours truly and as yours truly was about to reply back, there was an incoming call (from M).. yeay..

Me: Hello..Ye, encik..

M: Assalamualaikum, cik yours truly..

Me: Waalaikum salam.. Iye, saye..

M: Betul ke yours truly nak datang ambil Z ni? Yours truly dari mane?

Me: Iye, saye.. Ni dekat MS - sebelah je dengan KD tu..

M: Dah on the way ye? Tau tempat? Land mark nye Sek Men Seksyen 4..

Me: Urmm..

M: Yours truly ingat lagi rumah En B?

Me: Oo, sy tau tu..

M: Dekat2 situ laa..

Me: Orait, sampailah tu..

M: Agak-agaknya berapa lama lagi?

yours truly turning to L who's driving Ryan. And so, L replied, "Lima belas minit."

Me: 15 minit, encik..

M: OK, hati-hati drive..
while waiting for yours truly to arrive..

Z: Eh, tu macam diorang je..

M: Bukanlah, itu bukan Ryan..

haha.. M did care about Ryan..
yours truly and L finally arrived at the scene..

M walked towards Ryan and found out that L was at the driver's seat..

well, yours truly stepped out and so.. 3 minit itu..

Z already went inside Ryan..

M: Terima kasih ye, yours truly.. Nak ke mane?

yours truly smiled brightly  (as bright as M's smile)..

Me: Jalan-jalan.. Encik ke mane?

M: Saya balik dulu.. (waving good bye) Hati-hati ye..

Me: Iye, same.. (and waving good bye too)

yours truly went inside Ryan and let M drove away first..
Z, L and yours truly went to the nearby uptown - sightseeing..

final note of the night - yours truly sent a thank you note to M..

thanks for the 3 minit itu..


in yours truly's life - memories lasts..

feelings - happiness at the 3 minit itu - yess!

sinful - yours truly can't think straight - follow one's heart..

3 minit itu - itulah dia..

Thursday, November 21, 2013

...banYak-banyaK haRi..

hari inilah ku tidak bersarapan..

hari inilah ku redeem towel 'BonusLink'..

hari inilah ku khabarkan Ryan ku demam..

hari inilah ku sharekan lokasi - GPS ku hidup..

hari inilah hebatnya ku menukar tayar - dengan bantuan..

hari inilah Ryanku tak mau hidup..

hari inilah aku 'dating' bawah jambatan..

hari inilah ku telefon Auto Assist..

hari inilah ku kejut orang tidur..

hari inilah kau tanya aku pergi mana..

hari inilah ku bagi kau copy..

hari inilah kau dapat teka..

hari inilah Nike ACG ku putus..

hari inilah kau lipatkan tudung aku..

hari inilah bateri handset ku menjunam 1% - padam sendiri..

hari inilah baby belikan donat..

hari inilah kau awal..

hari inilah kau jawab Whatsappku dengan baik..

hari inilah kau keluarkan iklan..
hari inilah kau mintak tolong, hari inilah aku mintak tolong
sedia ditolong sama-sama sedia menolong

sudi ditolong sama-sama sudi menolong

suka ditolong sama-sama suka menolong

Monday, November 18, 2013


had a discussion with my baby brother..

we questioned a lot..

don't ever feel that we're OK - it will set us in mess..

from small things - inJustice brings terrible decisions..
me - not being positive?!!

hey, talking about being fairly positive - I talk nice to people, I give good advices, I do inspire people, I am well-mannered, I am full of LOVE, I am naturally kind.. sincerely, I do :)

I am just too helpful but not towards my self.. I can't let myself to be helped..
the answers came by.. no blaming..

good people give you happiness, best people give you memories..

bad people give you experiences, worst people give you lessons..
haha.. this is not a positive note..

it's more like me expressing my inJustice - thus, spreading inJustice..

ohoo.. I am sorry.. Allah, forgive me and my sins..

yesterday, I somehow can't tolerate in listening.. I took a step in sleeping early.. good night, everyone.. I'm better be silent me..

your words : what happens to you is because you're off guard - doing things 'sambil lewa'..

and I've had this saying - you know, if you've been hurt by the words, then the words are actually the truth..

oh, my bad - I can't hear those laa.. seriously - I termed your words as accusations..

and yes, fitnah itu lebih dahsyat daripada membunuh..
I act tough..

I had this one friend.. whereby I attempted peace..

this one friend questioned my motives..

I replied as saying that I felt the coldness, I am freezing that I can't smile..

the more I try to understand, the more I don't..

we're strangely apart..

this one friend suggested that actually once been good in the olden days, people blamed unnecessarily.. and unreasonable.. silence is golden..

and so, we make up.. I guess..

thanks to all this inJustice..
I lost a friend too - perhaps inJustice is the cause..

I miss this friend I lost in June.. pride and my inJustice..
conclusion: inJustice ruins.. it is cruel.. it is not cool.. it shall not be me..

Saturday, November 16, 2013 I come...

reasons - needed by people.. played by people..

on the other hand - I just don't..

I play mercy..

Friday, November 15, 2013


I only pretend to have it in my days..

I only pretend to be in it in my days..

most of my days, I've tried and trying..

I am Me..

it is not comfort..

and I asked silent..

to comfort me in time, for time, with time, on time..

for He owns the time..