Monday, February 23, 2015

..LoVe cRuisE..

singing my heart out with Ryan.. normal traffic heading towards Iris..

coming back from earlier meeting friends event..awanku was there too.. facing from a distance, ai glanced once in a while.. noticing, his left hand covering his mouth, gritting in control of the situation.. and still, both of his eyes merely 'redup' - joy of my heart..alhamdulillah..

sesungguhnya jalan mendaki itu lebih sukar.. ujian apakah ini?! passing by Damansara, Ryan and me and hey, next to our left side (the centre lane) - ai saw 'awanku' to my surprise..

okay, let's head on together the uphill.. and downhill too..

Ryan and me - we 'santai'ly and wondering.. ensuring our distance - quite just to see and be sure - mister awanku, are you coming?!

right up to Jalan Duta toll exit, Ryan and me went to the Touch 'N Go lane.. and again, there awanku went to the ticketing booth..

fingers crossed, love luck had to struck.. this time, awanku did saw me.. crossing over Ryan and me from the left and leading the way (sort of, since ai took up to tag along closely behind the wheels)..

we parted ways after about 10 minutes or so.. Ryan and me arrived safely at Iris and me wishing awanku well thanking the memories..

my awan, my joy, my sweetness, my smile - everlasting :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


senyummu juga sedihmu