Saturday, January 17, 2009 jogja story...'s been a while...
so much to share and so little time...
i'll let the many, many pictures tell the stories,okay!
Note: Kudos to Afiq, Beebee and John :)

the wisatas: me, Beebee, JayC & John, Afiq and Hasanul...

9 January 2009
flight from KLIA: MH 845
time of departure: 915am Malaysian time
time of arrival: 1050am Indonesian time

11 January 2009
flight from Adisutjipto Airport: MH 876
time of departure: 1145am Indonesian time (delayed for 30mins++)
time of arrival: 335pm Malaysian time
p/s: thanks to Boy (Beebee's cousin - our driver for return trip KL - KLIA)

our hotel: Hotel Ibis Malioboro
tour guide: Pak Irwan
driver: Pak Noor
Keraton tour guide: Bu Rini
Borobudur tour guide: Pak Ako

places we've visited:
1. Keraton (Jogjakarta Royal Palace cum museum)
2. Taman Sari Water Palace with a connected hiding tunnel
3. Borobudur Temple
4. Dieng Plateau highlands (Arjuna small temple, hot spring crater, Colour Lake)

makan places:
1. Pesta Perak (Silver Party) - Jogjakarta town
2. Mie Nusantara - inside Malioboro Mall
3. Dieng Restaurant - Wonosobo province
4. Nyaman Djaya Restaurant - inside Malioboro Mall
5. Malioboro Mall McDonald's

shopping places:
1. Gemah Ripah Sdn Bhd - Jogja oleh-oleh (pisang sale, bakpia pathok)
2. Al-Fath store (along Malioboro street) - embroidered telekung
3. along Malioboro street - kaos dagadu (T-shirts), obral (blouse), kerajinan (handicrafts)
4. Beringharjo Market - embroidered textile, batiks, strawberries, snakefruit
5. Pasar Sore Malioboro
6. Malioboro Mall

total i spent: Rp 2,020,000++