Thursday, June 5, 2008

a TAG game

5 lovely presents that I want and reasons for wanting them:
a. a nice holiday tours package to japan/korea/gold coast - i need to refresh my mind
b. a nice meal treats either at chili's or swensen's or house of sundanese - i enjoy nice food
c. a nice pair of branded sunglasses - i lost my MORGAN pink shades during Jack's disaster
d. a big box of yummy pralines, toffees and chocolates - i'm a super chocoholic
e. nice books (preferably true stories or local interests genres) - reading is my favourite pastime

the princess who tagged me: miss hana

5 impressions about miss hana:
a. emotionally sensitive
b. a fragile girl
c. soft-spoken
d. quite sporty
e. cantik

5 memorable things/events about miss hana:
a. miss hana is thiong's bedmate...thiong's one of my closest friend in ssp...
miss hana is kak hana's pet sis...kak hana is my pet sis's closest friend...we have had movie dates together...hahaha...
miss hana and me sang for the school alto 2 and miss hana soprano 2...
miss hana has close bonding with her Johor kelas agama clan - bidib,mimah and mai...bidib is my bestfriend in ssp...
e. when i went to utp, i discovered that
miss hana and suzie are childhood friend...suzie is one of my closest friend in utp...

my 5 most loved inventions:
a. chocolates
b. internet
c. books
d. cars
e. EPL

what I despise so much:
a. injustice happening globally
b. liars - don't promise me anything uncertain and don't spread rumours
c. hypocrites - evil creatures hiding behind a mask of innocence
d. selfish people - keeping success to oneself (no act of sharing knowledge, wealth, etc...)
e. people who swear either verbally or physically - so rude

5 lucky people to be tagged by me:
a. peche
b. farah
c. bear bear
d. salwa
e. yus


Hana_Nana said...

miss aliza,me also same with u but i alto1 tau..hehe..everything connected to me is close to you huh,so let's be close too..haha!:)

aliza hj hasan said...

haha...alto 1 bad...byk gk lg kite same...briged siber ek...suke gile bende2 jepun ek...kte same class add math ke?